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Added on January 15, 2019: Dcument with 44 Photos of Hubert Rigal's (France) historic Lilac Magnum with Electra Top End PHOTOS OF IMPORTANT LILAC R92 MAGNUM: Hubert Rigal of France has photographed Lilac F9-0600 extensively. This bike was one of only 2 500cc models officially imported into Europe in 1967. It has the first Magnum frame and the last Magnum motor. The top end is the heavier Electra style. The bike was restored in 2018.

Marusho and Lilac urethane tank badges available TANK BADGES: I have produced some self-adhesive domed urethane stickers which you can use as a substitute for acrylic tank badges. For details send me an email.

Flyer for Lilac exhibition at Hamamatsu City Museum September-October 2015 - click for exhibit materials Lilac Museum Exhibition Materials: An extensive exhibition of Lilac motorcycles and memorabilia was presented at the Hamamatsu City Museum by the Japan Lilac Friends Club from Sepbember to October of 2015. Visit this page for a poster, photos and videos. (Added to site October 29, 2015, on the Gallery page under Museum Exhibit.)

Magazine article Marusho Magnum Electra in Australian magazine Old Bike Australasia MAGAZINE ARTICLE: "Marusho Magnum Electra, From Hamamatsu via Bavaria", in Australian magazine Old Bike Australasia, Issue 50, 2015. Added October 25, 2015. This features one of the last Marusho-badged Electras and includes a thorough history of Lilac.

Magazine article Lilac Electra-Fying in Australian magazine Two Wheels MAGAZINE ARTICLE: "Lilac Electra-Fying", in Australian magazine Two Wheels, Issue 2, 1967. Added July 12, 2014. This is a road test of one of the 6 Electras exported to Australia at the end of Lilac's life.

Magazine article Kopier-Maschine in German magazine, about Peter Hanke's restored Marusho motorcycle. MAGAZINE ARTICLE: "Kopier-Maschine", about Peter Hanke's Marusho restoration, in English and German.

The BIG Marusho Motorcycle Manual, published 2006 'The BIG Marusho Motorcycle Manual', containing reproductions of parts lists, owners manuals, service literature and advertisements for the 500cc models. 196 pages, spiral bound, full-color covers. Click the picture for information.

Thumbnail of Ural Ignition mounted on Marusho points plate, article added April 27, 2011. CONVERT YOUR MARUSHO TO URAL IGNITION! Click the thumbnail to visit the Technical Articles page, where James Hughes has generously contributed directions for replacing the problemmatic Marusho advance unit and impossible-to-source points with Russian parts.

2009 was the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Lilac V-twins, the company's most successful product.

To commemmorate this historic occasion, Mr. Kotaro Furuta, proprietor of Jungle Scooters in Japan, had the drawing below created by Takashi Harako.

Drawing by Takashi Harako for JungleScooters, showing Lilac motorcycle designer Eiji Hayashi riding 250cc Lilac model LS-38 V-twin in prone position, in 1959.

The rider was the well-known Lilac designer and later Bridgestone designer Mr. Eiji Hayashi. In 2010 (my latest information) Hayashi san was still employed by Bridgestone at age 77! Thanks for the use of the image, Furuta san.

Lilac LS-38 Rider

This site contains information on Marusho and Lilac motorcycles manufactured in Japan in the 1950s and 1960s.

This site was opened April 13, 1997 and last updated January 9, 2019. If you wade through this Web site you will probably learn more than you want to about this little-known maker of unusual, classy, sophisticated and quirky motorcycles. At least 50,000 were built in Japan between 1950 and 1967, and the company had a good chance of matching Honda's success. It has been 52 years since the last bike rolled off the assembly line at Hamamatsu but loyal Marusho/Lilac fans in Japan, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Malaysia, India, Croatia, Thailand and other countries keep these machines on the road.

3D View of Lilac CF-40

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