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Technical Article: Substituting Ural ignition for Marusho by James Hughes, April 27, 2011 Technical Article: Converting Marusho Ignition to Ural Single Point System, in Adobe Acrobat format, 1.2mb. Thanks to James Hughes for this contribution.

Technical Article: Lilac V-Twin Rotary Shift Feature Removal Technical Article: Lilac V-Twin Rotary Shift Feature Removal, in Adobe Acrobat format, 259kb. Thanks to David Bernardi for this contribution.

Technical Article: Lilac LS-18 Engine Lubrication Improvements Technical Article: Lilac LS-18 Engine Lubrication Improvements to the 1-Piece Crankcase Motor, in Adobe Acrobat format, 313kb. Thanks to David Bernardi for this contribution.

2 different Lilac V-twin dynamo pullers 3 Different Lilac V-twin dynamos Technical Article: Lilac V-twin Dynamos and Pullers: This is not an article but photos of (left to right) LS-18/2, LS-18/1 and 125cc dynamos. You can identify your LS-18 (or MF-39/LS-38) dynamo from the photos and make an appropriate puller using the detailed measurements found in the illustration. Remember that the bolt holding the advance mechanism has a left-hand thread, but the puller threads are right-hand. Don't ruin your dynamo! Photos by Homer Knapp and Ralph Walker.

Neutral/third gear indicator switch Technical Article: Lilac Neutral/Third Gear Indicator Switch: Lilacs and Marushos from the 1960s used the same combination neutral/third gear switch. This paper describes the switch and explains how it functions. In Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format, 150kb. Author Ralph Walker.

Marusho Horn Technical Article: Marusho Horn Disassembly and Repair: If your horn does not sound, or you wish to disassemble it for painting or plating, read this. In Adobe Acrobat 2.1 format, 200kb. Authors Chris Gray and Ralph Walker.

Two of 24 photos of Lilac V-twin machine work
Lilac V-twin Lubrication Modifications (another approach): When you click this picture you will be taken to another page with a series of 24 large photos, so be patient.

Electra Engine Blueprint Blueprint: Marusho Magnum Electra Engine Exploded View: This drawing was made from an original but poor condition Electra blueprint. Clicking on the thumbnail above will get you a blue-toned drawing 1257 x 975 pixels, 150 dpi, 8.4" x 6.5", 52k, suitable for on-screen viewing. Click here for a printable version with twice the resolution (2515 x 1950 pixels, 150 dpi, 16.8" x 13", 162k). For a printable version of twice this resolution (5030 x 3900 pixels) send me e-mail and tell me whether you prefer gray scale or blue-tone, the resolution (e.g., 300, 360, 600, 720 dpi) and the format (.tif or .gif).

Marusho / Lilac Serial Numbers: This is a small (67kb) 4-page Adobe Acrobat 4.0 document which shows how to identify the year and model of a Lilac or Marusho by the frame and motor number. It was designed to be printed on either A4 or US Letter paper.