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Beginning of Marusho ST and Magnum Photos

Restored Marusho Magnum motorcycle in France Nicely restored 1966 Marusho Magnum owned by Philippe of France; ex-Great Britain and winner of Best in Show at Staffordshire in 1992. At the same time the bike, along with my 1961 Lilac MF-39 and other classic bikes, was videotaped for broadcast on the Shizuoka Broadcast System. Frame number F9-0708, motor number 2-0716. Photos by the owner. Another excellent photo of this bike is available on the 500cc bike history Web page.

Restored Marusho Magnum motorcycle in Berlin, Germany Nicely restored 1966 Marusho Magnum in Berlin, Germany; restoration done between 2003 and 2007. Frame number F9-0725, motor number 2-0739, running. Photos by the owner.

Marusho ST custom 1965 Marusho ST custom sold by owner in Minnesota in recent years: Frame number F9-0236, motor number 2-0261, running. Photos by the owner.

Lilac R92 Magnum F9-0600 in France Hubert Rigal's (France) 1967 (not 1966) Lilac R92 Magnum. This was the last Magnum built and was constructed from the earliest frame, F9-0600 (possibly the prototype) and the last motor (R2-0786). Note that the Electra's fatter cylinders were used. This bike, along with Electra F9-1119, was imported by Paul Lavedèze motorcycles in Paris in late 1967. A distributorship was planned, but Lilac went bankrupt before that came to pass. Photos by Mr. Rigal.

Marusho Magnum in Oklahoma Marusho Magnum F9-0703. Photos by the owner in Oklahoma, October 6, 2003.

Two Marushos sold in PA 9/2003 These two Marusho STs, frame numbers F9-0528 ("runs good") and F9-0336 (parts bike), were sold to a Maryland collector September, 2003 (from Pennsylvania). Photos by the seller.

4 views of Dale Kuykendall's Marusho ST Four views of Dale Kuykendall's 1965 Marusho ST, frame number F9-0400. Dale completed the project in the summer of 1998 and reported that it is fast, reliable and sounds good. He used a BMW magneto, which can be seen through the window on the engine front cover, and made a variety of other innovative modifications.

Photos by Mr. Kuykendall.

4 views of Colin Horn's Lilac R92 The first of two groupings of shots of Colin Horn's 1966 Lilac R92 (Marusho Magnum), frame number F9-0609. Colin completed this handsome specimen in time to participate in the VJMC/Australia's 250km rally in March 1998. He reports that he had a little carb trouble but otherwise it's running well. These and the next grouping are by Mr. Horn.

Colin Horn with R92 and trophy The second of two groupings of shots of Colin Horn's R92. Here are two photos: a good 3/4 view of the bike and Colin displaying his 'Best of the Rest' (non big-4 Japanese) trophy from the VJMC rally in Canberra March 14-15, 1998.

6 views of ST Frame F9-0494 Six views of ST Frame F9-0494, which is located in Pennsylvania Photos submitted January 2001.

6 views of Magnum Frame F9-0638 Six views of Magnum Frame F9-0638, which was located in California but has been since (May 2000) been sold to a Japanese collector.

one view of Magnum Frame F9-0662 One view of Magnum Frame F9-0662, which is located in Washington State.

4 views of Tony Swain's ST Frame F9-0118 Four views of Tony Swain's ST Frame F9-0118, an early example with the original German style taillight rather than the small Stanley.

Ralph Walker's Marusho Magnum Ralph Walker's 1966 Marusho Magnum, frame F9-0667. Four more views of this bike are on the 500cc bike history Web page. Photo by me.