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Marusho/Lilac Gallery: Engine Modifications


This series of 24 photos, kindly furnished by Homer Knapp, depicts modifications he made to an early Lilac MF-39 with one-piece type crankcase. Other early V-twins also used this type crankcase. The cylinder modifications shown should be applicable to both early and late motors.

These modifications were primarily undertaken to improve lubrication. While the photos are not captioned, it is hoped that the procedures will be clear. Perhaps they will give you ideas you might like to incorporate in your motor rebuild.

If you are interested in duplicating these procedures you may wish to call Homer Knapp at his business:

Hollywood Motorcycle Machine
5419 Denny Ave.
North Hollywood CA 91601
(818) 985-2213

PRINTING THESE PHOTOS: This set of photos requires only 400kb storage, while an Adobe Acrobat document containing the same photos is 3mb. For that reason I have not loaded the Acrobat (.pdf) file onto the server. If you wish a copy and can receive e-mail attachments of that size, e-mail me and request document 'knapp-oil-mods.pdf'. You can print this page directly from your browser, but if you want GOOD copies of the photos, import the 24 photos (which are being loaded into your cache right now) into a word processor or page layout program capable of importing JPG graphics. They are currently scaled at 100dpi, which is ideal for printing 4 photos per page in grayscale on a laser printer.