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Beginning of Lilac Advertising: V-Twins

Girl In Pink: This 4-page brochure measures 10.2" x 4.8" and covers the V-twin line offered in late 1959 and early 1960: LS-38, MF-39, tool-box tank version of the LS-18 and MF-19, and the CS-28. Clicking on the large thumbnail below will get you a 2mb Adobe Acrobat document, suitable for printing on US Letter paper on a printer with a resolution of 300, 600 or 1200dpi. Three other versions of this file are available on request by e-mail for printing on A4 paper or on printers with a resolution of 360, 720 and 1440dpi. Thanks to Homer Knapp for the loan of the original brochure for scanning.

Lilac Motorcycle Advertizing Brochure 1959 V-twins MF-39 LS-38 LS-18 MF-19 CS-28 Japan Vintage Motorcycle History Marusho Company

Lilac CF-40/LS-18-2/MF-39 Brochure Side 1 Lilac CF-40/LS-18-2/MF-39 Brochure Side 2 Lilac CF-40/LS-18-2/MF-39 Brochure, Sides 1 and 2, probably printed in 1960, original size 26 x 36 cm (not a standard page size). This magnificent full-color brochure was lent for scanning by Tim Mings. It is available in 3 quality levels. Clicking on the thumbnails will bring up low resolution 75dpi images suitable only for viewing (46k & 41k). For better, printable 300dpi images of about 280k each click here for SIDE 1 and SIDE 2. For the best possible, printable 300dpi images (959k and 753k), click here for side 1, and click here for side 2. If you print this brochure at 300dpi it will be 2/3 the original size and will fit on US Letter/A4 paper. If you have the means to print it full-size (10.4" x 14.2"), change the resolution to 200dpi.

Lilac C-81/C-82 Brochure, Side 1 Lilac C-81/C-82 Brochure, Side 2 Lilac C-81/C-82 Brochure, Sides 1 and 2, from 1964, size 26 x 13 cm, scanned at 75 dpi.

Lilac LS-18-3/MF-19/MF-39 Brochure Side 2 Lilac LS-18-3/MF-19/MF-39 Brochure Side 1 Lilac LS-18-3/MF-10/MF-39 Brochure, Sides 1 and 2, probably printed in 1964, original size 26 x 36 cm (not a standard page size). These are large files, over 140k, so be patient. Resolution is 75 dpi. This brochure is too wide to print full-size on most printers.

Lilac LS-18/MF-39 Brochure, Side 1 Lilac LS-18/MF-39 Brochure, Side 2 Lilac LS-18 / MF-39 Brochure, (also mentions the CF-40 and ill-fated AS-71 (Silver Pigeon). Printed in 1960 by the U.S. Lilac importer, MC Supply Co. Size of Side 1 is US Letter and scanning was done at 75 dpi. Side 2 is 8.25 x 11 inches to accommodate US and A4 paper. For a 300 dpi (84k) version of Side 2, for printing, click here.

NOTE: Both versions of Side 2 are in TIF format, not the usual GIF or JPG, so you may have to view them outside of your browser. Follow your browser's directions.

Lilac LS-18 Lilac LS-18 Lilac LS-18/2 Brochure, Sides 1 and 2, printed in 1960 by MC Supply. Size of original is US Letter. This version is 8.25 x 11 inches, making it easy to print on US or A4 paper. Displayed versions will be 75 dpi. For a 200 dpi (137k) version of Side 1, for printing, click here. For a 300 dpi 274k) version of Side 2, for printing, click here.

Lilac LS-18/2 brochure, Japanese Lilac LS-18/2 Brochure, one-sided, in Japanese, probably printed in 1960. This file is scaled to 8.2" x 15.1", making it difficult to print on most printers. The original, kindly loaned to us by Katsuyuki Inoue, is somewhat smaller. To print on US Letter paper in your word-processor, crop the image below text items 3 and 5, and print on two pages. If you have an A4 printer you may not be able to print about 5mm of the width without scaling the image down.

Lilac MF-39/LS-38 brochure, Japanese (SEE LINKS BELOW) Lilac sport models brochure (LS-38 and MF-39), in Japanese, 8 color pages, each 8 in. wide by 3.75 in. high, with resolution of 100 dpi. To print on a laser or inkjet printer with a dpi divisible by 300, on US Letter paper, set up a 4-page landscape document in your wp or page layout program, with left and right margins of 1.5 in. and top and bottom margins of .5 in. Place 2 brochure pages on each printed page. To print on a 300/600/etc. printer on A4 paper (297x210mm), set up a 4-page landscape document in your wp or page layout program, with left margin 45mm, right margin 46mm, top margin 9mm, bottom margin 10mm. Place 2 brochure pages on each printed page.

To print on an inkjet printer with a resolution divisible by 360 dpi, you should really resize these 8 pages to 72 dpi, leaving the total size at 800 x 375 pixels. This way you will lose none of the detail. This will produce images of 11.11 in. wide by 5.2 in. high. These can be printed on US Legal or A4 paper, 1-up.

This brochure was probably printed in 1960. It illustrates the early sport bikes, which had slanted writing on the toolbox, a long taper at the rear of the mufflers, and no oil filter.

Lilac LS-18 Improved / MF-39 / CS28 brochure, English Lilac LS-18 Improved / MF-39 / CS-28 Brochure, two-sided, in English, printed in 1960. Clicking on the thumbnail will load an 11mb pdf file containing the full-sized brochure, which is 26 x 36 cm (not a standard size). To print a copy of the brochure on your printer, see the printing instructions included in the file. To download the best possible version of this file (600dpi) click here (40mb!). To view side one at low resolution, click here (69kb). To view side two at low resolution, click here (135 kb). I am grateful to Tim Mings who loaned this brochure for me to scan.

NOTE: See also the combination 500cc/V-twin brochure found in the 'Lilac Advertising: 500cc' page.