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1959 Lilac Motorcycle model FY-5 in Thailand Rare, recently-restored 1959 Lilac FY-5, owned by Kim in Thailand; frame F5-9-0997, motor Y5-0961. See also Kim's LS-18/3 under "Lilac V-Twin Photos". Photos by the owner.

Lilac SW 350cc Photo selection 1 of 3: Katsuyuki Inoue's 1955 Lilac SW. Four photos of the restored 350cc bike taken while touring in September 2002. The frame number is 551575 and the engine number W50007.

Lilac SW 350cc Photo selection 2 of 3: Katsuyuki Inoue's SW, as found in 2002.

Lilac SW 350cc Photo selection 3 of 3: 8 details of Katsuyuki Inoue's SW.

Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon (Lilac AS-71) A very rare Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon (Lilac AS-71), owned by Roland Quah of Australia and presently (September 2000) located in Malaysia.