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Beginning of Lilac LS-18 Photos

Lilac LS-18/1 Motorcycle in France Beautiful 1960 LS-18/1 owned by Philippe of France, frame number F1-0-6601, motor number E1-6192. Bike is ex-Great Britain. Photos by the owner.

Lilac LS-18/1 Motorcycle in Brisbane Australia Sharp 1960 LS-18/1 from Brisbane, Australia, restored by the owner and his father in 2007-08, frame number F1-0-8255, motor number E1-8011. Photos by the owner.

1963 Lilac Motorcycle model LS-18/3 in Thailand Kim's restored 1963 LS-18/3 in Thailand, frame F1-63-33010, motor E1-33004. See also Kim's rare model FY-5 under 'Other Lilacs'. Photos by the owner.

Katsuyuki Inoue with his LS-18/2 Katsuyuki Inoue with his 1961 Lilac LS-18/2, frame number F1-61-17318, a 'before' shot and 2 recent shots. Photos by Kikuo Iwatate and Mr. Inoue.

Rob Blokhuis' LS-18/2 Rob Blokhuis' very late 1961 Lilac LS-18/2, frame number F1-61-17861, left and right shots. Photos by Mr. Blokhuis.

3 of Homer Knapp's V-twins Homer Knapp's (from left) LS-18/2, LS-18/1 and MF-39, showing their 'LILAC' personalised plates. Photos by Homer.

Edwin Uy Gindoy's LS-18/3 Edwin Uy Gindoy's (Philippines) 1964 LS-18/3, frame number F1-44077. Photo by Mr. Gindoy.

LS-18/2 F1-0-12287 A very presentable 1960 LS-18/2, frame number F1-60-12287, showing left, right and top views as well as individual parts. This bike is presently (July 2000) for sale in North Dakota. Contact the webmaster for details. Photos by the owner.

LS-18/2 F1-61-18054 Masaharu Machida's 1961 LS-18/2, frame number F1-61-18054, engine E1-12345 (!!), as received from the previous owner in late 2000. It has high mileage for a Lilac - 45000 km - all done in three years 1961-64, so it must have been a very reliable bike. Photo by Mr. Machida.

LS-18/2 with /3 tank Masaharu Machida's LS-18/2, frame number unknown, from a photo by Mr. Machida made in 1963. This bike was modified with an LS-38 front fork, a Yamaha front fender (instead of the valanced original) and an LS-18/3 tank, giving a very attractive effect.

Beginning of Lilac MF-19 Photos

Roy Jacobson's MF-19 Roy Jacobson's rare Lilac MF-19, one owner since 1965. Roy and I have corresponded since 1977 and the bike has just undergone its second restoration.

Beginning of Lilac LS-38 and MF-39 Photos

Lilac MF-39 Motorcycle in France Beautiful 1960 MF-39 owned by Philippe of France, frame number MF3-0-0158, motor number M9-0322, ex-Great Britain and Hong Kong. The blue is the original color. Photos by the owner.

Mack Sinclair's MF-39 during restoration Mack Sinclair's 1960 MF-39, frame number MF3-0-0376, with 5 shots of the bike at various stages. Mr. Sinclair had to fabricate the complex and unusual toolbox, and had the logo decals produced by a local graphic artist. The blue is an original MF-39/LS-38 color. Photos by Mr. Sinclair.

Greg Turner's Lilac MF-39 Greg Turner's 1960 Lilac MF-39, frame number MF3-0-0247, one view. Photo by Colin Horn.

Michihiro Itoh's early LS-38 Michihiro Itoh's early LS-38, frame number F3-0-0175, before and after restoration. Included is a photo of a sidecover with his reproduction decal. Photos by Mr. Itoh.

Masaharu Machida's early MF-39 Masaharu Mchida's early MF-39, frame number MF3-0-0186. Two photos showing the bike as it appeared in 1978, when owned by Fred Whitfield in New Zealand, and after its 2000 restoration by Mr Machida. Photos by Mr. Machida and Mr. Whitfield.

Beginning of Lilac CF-40 Photos

Homer Knapp's Lilac CF-40 Homer Knapp's 1961 Lilac CF-40, frame number F4-61-3403, two views. Photos by Ralph Walker.

Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum's Lilac CF-40 1961 Lilac CF-40 restored in 2001 by the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, frame number F4-61-3395, five views. Photos by Brian Slark.

Beginning of Lilac CS-28 Photos

Homer Knapp's 1959 CS-28 Homer Knapp's 1959 Lilac CS-28, frame number F2-4851, the only one in the U.S. Photos by Mr. Knapp.